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Brigade is a one of a kind full service restaurant point of sale system. It’s designed to optimize your floor and create good communication between your servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff. Your service speed will always be in it’s most optimal state and you won’t miss a beat. Our powerful monitoring systems are making sure your system is always up. We offer 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager at no additional cost. We are so confident, we will offer you a full 30 day money back guarantee. Schedule a free demo now and see how Brigade can help take your restaurant management to the next level.

Your Menu

We found that servers were spending a lot of wasted time on the POS managing their open checks moving from screen to screen hundreds of times in any given night to perform the simplest…

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Your Staff

Traditional POS systems require you to have an in-house specialist or hire expensive support to do the smallest changes on your menu for tasks as simple as 86ing an item.

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Your Workflow

If your guest is frustrated at the end of a meal because the checkout process is taking too long, it can ruin even the best dining experience.

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Case Studies

See how Brigade POS was the solution for restaurants nationwide.


We’re constantly building features from customer feedback and want the customer experience to be second to none. But enough from us. Learn what real restaurant owners think about Brigade Society.


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At Brigade we offer transparent pricing and unbeatable value.
You purchase your own iPad stations. We do the rest. What you
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We will take the time to understand your needs and walk you through a customized demo. This is a great opportunity to learn about us and our quality of service. We are excited to show you all the value we can bring to your restaurant and help you build your ultimate vision.

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