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“It was amazing to see how much more efficient my servers were operating with Brigade POS. I didn’t realize how much of a difference the right POS makes.”

Death In The Afternoon


Death in the Afternoon is a restaurant named after the cocktail created by Ernest Hemingway, who also wrote a book with the same name.  It’s a straightforward recipe, but if you follow Hemingway’s directions you definitely won’t be seeing straight.

“Pour a jigger full of absinthe into ice cold brut champagne. Stir until cloudy.  Proceed to drink 4-5,” prescribed the famous author.

Much like the famous cocktail, they have a simple formula that produces exceptional results: Provide delicious made from scratch lunch fare with impeccable service while dining in the middle of an award winning sculpture park.

Problem: Communication

With a large patio that’s in high demand during the summer, Death in the Afternoon’s capacity expands to 110 seats.  For a restaurant that focuses primarily lunch, things can get hectic quickly as they’ll serve 150 people in less than 2 hours. 

The problem they encountered that’s common to many high volume restaurants, is effectively communicating orders from the server to the kitchen, especially when guests frequently customize their orders. 

Because Death in the Afternoon is dedicated to wowing their customers, they would go to great lengths to satisfying whatever request is made. 

But when the kitchen has 30 tickets on the board, the last thing the chef wants to do is chase down a server who did a poor job explaining the modified order.  Having to wait for that server to clarify the order would cause that ticket to be delayed an extra 5 minutes. 

Unfortunately this would happen to other servers as well, which meant a normal 15 minute ticket often would take close to 30 minutes to produce. 

Another communication error that was taking place was ringing in menu items that were no longer in stock.  Because they make their food from scratch, they often run out of items.  Their previous system allowed for quantity counts on menu items, but it was only reflected on that individual terminal.  In order to have an accurate gage of how many fish sandwiches were left, they would need to reboot each terminal constantly. 

Clearly recognizing the inefficiency taking place, and the negative affect it was starting to have on their customer service, they knew there had to be a POS with a better way.

The Solution

There were 2 ways Brigade point of sale was able to solve Death in the Afternoon’s issue.

  1. Easy creation of modifier’s in the back office, along with the ability to create custom modifiers on the fly on the iPad. 
  2. A quantity count system that updates itself in real time. 


Creating Modifiers

Creating Menu items and Modifiers in Brigade’s back office is fast and intuitive.  Death in the Afternoon was able build an array of optional modifiers that servers could then quickly find and add to their order.  And in those rare instances that a customer had a very uncommon request, the custom modifier that is easily accessible on the menu ordering screen would allow their staff to specifically describe what they were trying to communicate.


Quantity Counts on Menu Items

With 2 clicks on the iPad, Death in the Afternoon’s manager’s were able to put counts on any item.  Better yet, when an order was placed for that item, it would immediately sync with all the other iPad’s in the restaurant so every server knew how many were left.  As soon as they ran out (also known as 86’d), that menu item is greyed out and is no longer available to order.  This proved immensely beneficial as they no longer frustrated their kitchen staff or disappoint their guests.

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