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“I don’t know if we would have opened on schedule without the guys at Brigade helping us every step of the way. They are an amazing source of support with all restaurant related stuff. ”

– Alexis Kim, Owner, Fleur De Lilies, St.Louis, MO

Fleur de Lilies


Fleur de Lilies (FDL) was started by 2 owners Alexis Kim and Misha Sampson. They met at Alexis Kim’s other restaurant BBC and became good friends. One thing led to another and next thing you know they were writing the business plan for Fleur de Lilies. Each one of them brought their own traditions to the concept which eventually led to what became Fleur de Lilies, A Creole Asian Fusion cuisine. It was just weird enough that it became a St. Louis favorite. Alexis and Misha are meticulous about quality about their food and service. When it came time to make a decision for their POS, they demanded nothing less. Alexis had come from a world of pain of past experiences with POS systems. From Micros, Aloha, and Ambur to name a few. The constant downtime, painful setup, and most importantly, no accountability with these companies left a really bad taste with her. With FDL, she did not want repeat the same mistake. So she put a priority on first and foremost a company that she can always have on speed dial. Being an experienced restauranteur, she knew how important of a role the POS played in her ability to operate smoothly, and she always wanted to make sure someone was always there to address all her questions and she did not want to wait hours on the phone with customer service. Secondly, the system had to be easy to use. Opening a restaurant is stressful enough and she certainly did not want to add hours and hours of training time for her servers. Finally, knowing that to properly service her 6.000+ sqft restaurant, she wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to break the bank. There are enough expenses starting up and spending 20% of her budget on a POS was not an option. When Alexis and Misha found Brigade, the decision was easy. The sections below will describe in more detail how Brigade POS was able to bring all the components Alexis and Misha were looking for in a POS company.


Customer Service

FDL was running a couple weeks behind on their opening schedule and the thought of not having a POS setup was nerve wrecking for Alexis and Misha. Once Brigade stepped into the situation, we had them up and running with their menu setup within just one day. Not only that, we did a complementary training with their servers so that their servers felt comfortable and there were no technical issues or POS confusions on the opening day. Our instant response times in a matter of minutes was a pleasant surprise to both founders considering they have never experienced such an extended level of responsiveness and care from a POS company before.


Ease of Use Beyond

the initial complementary server training that was done by Brigade, there was not much required to onboard servers onto the system. Once FDL got their processes in place, onboarding a server was literally a matter of 5 minutes. The simplicity of batching out every day, running server checkout reports, and evaluating performance from the back office was so simple, they never asked for training on it. Like every other large restaurant FDL has their share of turnover, however, getting them up to speed on the POS system is not even on their checklist because of how simple of a process it is. With all systems syncing in real-time, the servers are easily able to access the nearest station, really improving the ability for their servers to pay attention to the customers. What they have loved most is the ability that when they get large parties of 30 to 80 people, the server can just walk around with the iPad and take the orders. This saves the server at least an hour of POS time over the night.



With the 6,000+ square footage, FDL does hundreds of covers for dinner with 4 different revenue centers with 2 patios and to inside dining areas. To properly equip this large of space they needed a minimum of 4 stations. With Brigade’s unique pricing model where they did not have to pay anything extra they setup 4 static stations and 2 mobile iPads that the servers can use for large parties. All of this which was done for a very small monthly fee. Misha and Lina were blown away by the price difference that they were quoted on a Micros system for the same system. Overall, FDL is not only a happy customer, but they attribute a big part of their smoother operation to Brigade.

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