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Interacting With
Your Menu


Setting up
Menu Items

If you’re not a corporate chain restaurant, then you want the ability to quickly and easily set up your menu. After rigorous testing, we devised an innovative way to organize and navigate your menu.

Using a 3 tier system (Main Category / Sub Category / Menu Item), you can intelligently set up hundreds of items in minutes.

Learning how to do this is simple because Brigade’s design is consistently repeated on the iPad and in your Category Report.


Setting up

Just like your menu items, creating modifiers are quick and easy too. We give you the important customization options like requiring a modifier to be selected, choosing multiple modifiers, or providing prices for modifiers.


Setting up
Menu Items
with Modifiers

Drag and drop. It’s really that easy.


Menu Items

Going above and beyond for your guests is why you have a successful restaurant. Sometimes that means serving custom items that aren’t on your regular menu.

Keeping accurate accounting of everything you sell is imperative, which is why your custom items will appear in the correct menu category.


Selecting Course
Numbers & Seat Numbers

For full service restaurants, choosing a seat and coursing number used to be confusing and time consuming. With Brigade, it’s intuitively displayed on your menu ordering screen so your server doesn’t become disoriented from all the pop up requests they’re used to.



If you have a big wine list, or menu in general, our smart search feature allows you to find any item in couple of seconds.



If you’re serving food from scratch, you often need to 86 an item. Not only can you effortlessly set counts on any item, but our intelligent architecture immediately reflects the new count on every terminal.



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