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Every Second Matters

Brigade’s intuitive interface helps servers maintain their focus on your guests not your POS.



Starting a Table on the floor or a Tab at the Bar is simple and fast. Setting up your floor plan in our Back Office takes less than 5 minutes.



Every second counts when you’re a busy server or bartender. Having a system that’s not intuitive and easy to navigate will cost you valuable time that can lead to slower service and a frantic mind. When a Brigade user logs in, they immediately see all of their open checks/tabs. Because we’ve baked in some useful shortcuts on this screen (repeat, discount, and void items), you’re able to perform a multitude of actions in half the amount of time.



Everyone makes mistakes. But for a restaurant and its manager to be successful, you need open communication and trust. Forgetting to ring in an item is one of the most common mistakes. We’ve made it very easy to see exactly when that item was rung in to provide accountability.



Auto Gratuity / Tax Exempt / Discount / Transfer Check – Full Service restaurants have needs other types of restaurants don’t. Applying an Auto Gratuity (or service charge), is more and more common. It’s a courtesy to the guest, while ensuring your server doesn’t accidentally get short changed. Along with the ability to Discount the Check, Remove the Tax (for non-profits like Universities), and Transfer the Check to another Server, Auto Gratuity is quickly accessible on the Open Order Screen.



Easily one of the most complicated tasks any restaurant has to endure is splitting checks. It can be so tricky that many restaurants have to issue a disclaimer limiting the amount of checks they can split. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about this any longer as we’ve revolutionized this process. You can split by group size or seat. You can move individual items around from check to check or start a new one. You can also split items on an individual level and easily select which checks shared that item. Best of all, we’ve made it extremely intuitive and forgiving so in case a server makes a mistake, they can correct it without having to track down a manager.



Ringing out a gift card is as simple as pressing the gift card button. This will create a new tab and categorize your gift card sale correctly for your accounting purposes. If you have a preferred gift card provider talk with us about integration.



Whether your guest wants to pay with cash, credit, or a gift card, our Checkout Screen allows your servers to process any payment. Reprint a credit card receipt, easily void a payment if a mistake is made and process multiple payments quickly.


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