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Labor Report (Manager) – Because you get to create the roles for your restaurant, you can conveniently review/edit all of your employee’s hours.

Incomplete Shifts – If there’s one constant for every restaurant, it’s your staff forgetting to consistently clock out. With Brigade’s “Incomplete Shifts” the employee will automatically be clocked out when the restaurant is closed (your desired time). The manager is then able to see which time sheets need editing to ensure accuracy.

Labor Report (Staff) – Transparency between employees and management is something both sides appreciate. Knowing this, we’ve designed an employee portal that allows them to see a history of their time sheet and claimed tips. Furthermore, whenever an edit has been made by a manager to an employee’s time card, the employee will be able to see this change.

Roles User


Most restaurants have 2 things in common: There are many roles to fill, and there’s going to be a lot of turnover within those roles. As a result, you want a system that allows you to add/delete employees and organize them efficiently into different job categories without complexity. We’ve also customized the user experience based on whether you interact with guests (front of the house) or whether you work in the kitchen (back of the house).



A groundbreaking new feature we’ve created is something we’re calling “Teams”. Servers and bartenders often share their login number with each other because they share a common motivation: to provide outstanding guest experiences. But in doing so, you immediately lose accountability and data integrity. With Brigade Teams, the manager can set up a temporary or permanent employee group in the backend. Once set up, the employees within that group can see each other’s checks and perform actions on each other’s checks, all while logged in under their own number.


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