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“Brigade rethought how the Point Of Sale interface works with our servers. Their support is second to none and they make my life easier everyday!”

– Charlie Burrows, Owner, Basecamp Snowmass, Snowmass Village, CO




Basecamp Snowmass is a unique Bar & Restaurant located at the bottom of the Village Express Lift.  With three levels and a large patio with full bar Basecamp can get busy in peak ski season.  When contemplating switching from Micros P.O.S.  Charlie Burrows contacted the Brigade Team.  He was surprised that the agents he was speaking with not only understood his needs, but had owned their own restaurants and had a unique ability to help structure his new cloud setup.  With over 20 terminals we needed to create an environment that gave him mobility as well as reliability.  In just over two years with Brigade they have not had any downtime due to our backup LTE and customer support to deal with issues before they arise.

Problem: Customer Service/Affordability


With 20 + terminals and three levels the cost of a traditional Point Of Sale system was immense. The was no flexibility with a legacy system and support was non existent while also being very expensive. With the volume that Basecamp does we need someone who cares when the POS goes down or something is wrong.

The Solution


Customer Service

The Brigade Team was able to get Basecamp’s entire system setup over the phone.  We have worked with Basecamp over the past two years and have developed changes in our software to accommodate such a large and demanding restaurant.  We will come out with additions later in 2018 that will make their life and our other clients lives much easier.

On-Boarding/Perks Of Brigade

Brigade is able to provide support for Basecamp and their other 3 restaurants without a problem.  The managers love the customer service and the workflow of the system.  “Brigade rethought how the Point Of Sale interface works with our servers.”  With a staff that turns over seasonally it’s important that training be not only included for life, but also easy to adapt to an ever changing environment of a ski town.


With 20 + terminals and high volume there really isn’t a system on the market that can touch Brigade’s Pricing.  Just under $300 a month services this giant restaurant and all it’s managers.  The real time support is priceless and no other Point Of Sale on the market as the accessibility Brigade has.


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