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“We switched from Shopkeep and Touchbistro to Brigade POS and have never looked back. Save yourself the headache and use a company that will have your back!”

– Pierce Powers, Owner, Lonas Lil Eats, St. Louis, MO

Lonas Lil Eats


For good reason, one of the strongest predictors of success in the restaurant industry is “Location, Location, Location.”

But every once in a while a true gem will disprove this saying.  Lona’s LiL Eats is one of them. 

Despite serving a menu that is truly foreign to nearly everyone in St. Louis, and located in previously unfamiliar area, Lona’s has quickly become the talk of the town. 

The Post Dispatch said they were “a possible future for American Dining”, and now they are busy day and night.

Problem: Speed/Performance

Being an extremely popular fast casual restaurant means processing a lot of orders.  Guests value timeliness as much as they value the quality of their meal. 

Lona’s experienced firsthand how frustrating it can be for them and their guests when the line is moving slowly as a result of slow point of sale. 

With both of their 2 previous tablet POS systems, transitioning from screen to screen seemed like an eternity.  They also had to wait an unnecessarily long time trying to process credit card transactions.

The Solution

Brigade was able to significantly improve Lona’s speed and performance for 2 reasons:

  1. Exceptional programming/architecture.
  2. Intuitive work flow.

Exceptional Programming

Because every restaurant point of sale ever created has struggled with reliability, Brigade knew this was a crucial pain point that needed to be solved. Through a meticulous quality assurance process, Brigade was able to build a system that has not crashed once to date.  In addition,  its performance is extremely optimized so the iPad are very responsive to every touch.  As a result, customers like Lona’s are able to experience a high quality user experience. 

Intuitive Work Flow

One of the essential ingredients to spending less time processing an order is how fast and simple it is to navigate the system.  If your server/cashier is directed to an extra 2-3 screens per transaction, your wasting at least 15-20 minutes each meal period. 

Brigade’s workflow is smart and easy to use.  Useful “Features” and “Actions” are intuitively where you expect them to be.  Unnecessary “Features” and “Actions” have been eliminated.  Tasks like splitting checks have been intelligently simplified so you can get in and out. 

As a result, Lona’s was able to trim their average time spent on the POS per order from 27 seconds to 18.  Over the course of a normal lunch, this ended up saving them 33 valuable minutes.

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