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Brigade's intuitive interface helps servers get things done quicker on the POS.  We have less screens and less touches.  Lighting fast doesn't mean anything if you have to press on the screen 30 times from muscle memory to get where you want to go!

1. Quick TabYou can quickly start a tab, enter items and go directly to the checkout screen if you are in a hurry.

2. Tab If you need to start a problem.  If you need to rename a table or tab we can also take care of that in a simple step on the same page.

3. Table SelectYou can grab a table from our table layout screen.  Setting up multiple floor plans is simple and easy with our back office table layout screen.  We will also be happy to make changes and setup your floor plans at no additional charge anytime you need use!

restaurant point of sale

There is a lot of detail that we provide on the Open Orders screen to help with information sharing.

1. Item Sent Time - if a Team member sends an item or the kitchen seems slow you can simply look at how long the item has been sent or rang in if unsent.

2. Team Member - If a Team member rings in an item their initials will show up next to the item so you don't wonder where random items have come from.

3. Table Time - You can quickly see how long a table has been open and see all your times on the left side of the screen.

4. PaymentIf there is a payment or partial payment on a tab/table there will be a payment icon that appears to let you know. 


Open Order ScreenDON'T over look the importance of workflow.  We have redesigned the way users interact with their POS system.  Almost everything can be done on one screen! 

From ...........

 - Starting a tab/table

 - Accessing all you and your teams tables/tabs

 - Repeating items

 - Accessing the split screen

 - Applying item and check discounts

 - Transferring

 - And so much more

This is an important part of what Brigade does and it should matter to the user.


With Brigade we have a robust Promotions, Void & Discount system.

1. Voids - Simply create void categories and void items under those categories to keep track of why voids happen.

2. Discounts - We have two types of discounts.  Check discount that can be applied to all the items at once and item discounts that can be applied to single items.  You can setup as many discount categories as you like and they can have minimum order, permission restrictions and be a reprice, percentage or specific dollar amount.

3. Promotion - We have a robust promotion system.  Create as many promotions like Happy Hour as you like.  Choose which time on each day they apply and choose when the promotion starts and ends on the calendar.


Splitting can often be complicated.  Not with Brigade!

Simply hit split on the Open Orders Screen and begin.

1. Split Evenly - If your guests just want to pay evenly hit Split Options and choose Split Evenly.  Done!

2. Split By Seat - If everyone at the table wants to pay their own check just choose Split By Seat.  Done!

3. Split Items - If one guest wants to buy the bottle of wine, but they want everything else split evenly.  Simply choose Split Evenly then on the item take off the checks you don't want the item on.  Done!

4. Tap & Drop - Complicated split with lots of items.  Create a new check or as many as you need.  Highlight the items and tap the check you want them on.  Done!

5. Merge All - Make a problem just choose Merge All from the Split Options.  Done!





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